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1.) Wednesday, March 13, 2013, My Home Away From Home

The story was one of the best detective mysterious that I’ve read in awhile. It was also in a world where technology was advanced and played a big part in the story and I loved that. I felt like I was watching an actual movie in my head with this book. The crime being as gruesome as it was, was the icing on the cake for me with this book…The crime was so twisted and sick, it was totally perfect for the story. We need more mystery books like this. If there were crimes and characters like this in those genre of books I would get into it a whole lot more. There was also a lot of action which gave the book a “on the edge of your seat” feel. Over all a great book and I look forward to reading more of Shanae’s work.

2.) March 19, 2013: Cabin Goddess

DiSemblance was a fast pace mystery which is labeled YA, and I have to admit I did not realize this….I recommend the read and for you Star Trek fans, trust me you will get a bit of a giggle out of the math.

3.) Wednesday, March 20, 2013: Unraveling Words

…For once the main MC was actually smart and STAYED smart during the whole book. He didn’t have his moments of brilliance, no, he was brilliant the whole way through. So damn resourceful! If I ever had to run for my life I hope I would be as good at it as Jason. He did what had to be done and thought fast on his feet.

Even the girl next door, Boston was pretty awesome. She stood up to them and kept her word and if it came to it she would have blown someone’s brains out. It was great! xD…

4.)  Saturday, March 30, 2013: Michelle’s Paranormal Vault of Books

….Overall I loved it, didn’t like Boston so much, to me, she is not very essential to the story, but that’s just me I guess.
I highly recommend this to anyone who likes a great mystery with some techno-thriller in there.
5 out of 5 stars for me. Give it a try!
5.) Tuesday, June 18, 2013: Spotlight and Review, Faerie Tale Books
DiSemblance is a thrilling and suspenseful mystery full of twists and turns that leave you yelling,”What happens next.” or, “I did not expect that…”. Jason is an intriguing character that has a unique way of thinking and we are constantly trying to figure things out before him. Detective Bruce Durante is a seasoned cop through and through. Like a bloodhound with the scent of its quarry, he does not give up without a fight. Switching between Jason’s point of view, and then Bruce’s, really gives you a good insight into each character. This is a book where you do not know who did it until the very end. Disemblance is a riveting and captivating story that will have you thinking long after you have put the book down!

1.) August 28, 2012: COURTNEY READS A LOT

…This book kept up a fast pace, and I was never bored. The suspense and action of the book really peaked my interest and kept me reading. There were so many mysteries to solve, and I was eager to have my questions answered.

2.) August 29, 2012:  FOREVER LITERARY

…DiSemblance is a solid story with plenty of action and excitement. Shanae Branham is a budding author to watch, and it will be intriguing to see where she goes next!

3.) September 1, 2012:  NICKI J. MARKUS

…I’m glad I did as I found this a well-written and engaging tale that kept me turning the pages so fast that I read the book in a single session. The story is interesting and catchy and the characters, particularly Jason and Bruce, come across well. 

4.)  September 4, 2012: Reading to Penguins

If you like the Matrix, or things of that genre, you’ll enjoy this book. It has that ongoing theme of uncertainty, where neither the characters nor the reader know what’s real. The plot is highly engaging and well paced. The murder investigation blends well with the science fiction aspects to create a clever resolution.

5.)  September 8, 2012: TALES OF A BOOK ADDICT

So what does all this rambling have to do with my thoughts on this book? I liked it. A lot, actually. I found it fast paced and engrossing. I would start reading and realize that I had flown through 50 pages before I realized it. I’m definitely glad that Ms. Branham stumbled across my blog and sent me her pitch, I would never have found this book otherwise. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good read. It’s not just for the young adult crowd or the science fiction crowd. It’s definitely a book that will appeal to a wide variety of readers and I highly recommend it.

6.) September 10, 2012: A Bookish Co-Op

…To say we enjoyed this book would fall short of the truth. We freaking loved it and that’s saying something when BOTH of us like it. We can count the number of books we’ve both read on a three-fingered hand (not including the Harry Potter series, that’s just a given). Our reading tastes are just that different. So finding a book that appeals to both of us is a true gem.

7.)  Sunday, September 16, 2012:  Helene’s World of Books

…When I first read the synopsis I liked it. I don’t read many thrillers. I hate gruesome murders and all, so I mostly avoid this genre. But this book sounded interesting and I ended up loving it. There are murders, but they’re not gruesome in the way of much blood and lost limbs. There’s a lot of tension and I just couldn’t put it down. The first 50 pages I read on the train, the other 319 pages I read in one sitting. I just couldn’t put it down. 

8.) Wednesday, September 19, 2012: Realms of an Open Mind

There is no denying the unbelievable pace this novel sets for itself. Reader’s are taken right to the middle of the action, which includes the whole murder/mystery aspect I’ve mentioned, leaving you searching to the next pages for more information. Who’s the killer? What does it have to do with Tanner’s invention? What the heck is going on?!?…

9.) Friday, September 23, 2012: Simple Books

I was super excited when the author asked me to review the book! I saw a lot of good reviews on Goodreads and I really liked the book!…

10.) Monday, September 24, 2012: Confessions of an Inner Aspen

But it did have an exciting plot and was fun to read.  It was suspenseful, the “techno-thriller” element was definitely there, and Branham painted a clear picture in my mind, and I appreciate it when I can see what is happening as I’m reading….

11.) Tuesday, September 25, 2012: Amy’s Book World

Wow. This is a book that gets your brain a working. It’s who done it cat and mouse story that takes you from reality into an alternate world. The author did a great job with this story. It is unique and keeps the reader engrossed from beginning to end. The story is well written and quite a page turner….

12.) Tuesday, September 25, 2012: Lucidity

I’m not an advent science fiction reader, but suspense thriller is one  of my absolute favorite genres. As introduction to either of these genres “Dissemblance” is an excellent addition. The novel is well written….

13.) Monday, October 15, 2012: Reading And Coffee

…If you’re looking for a fast paced book that will keep you guessing until the very end, I do recommend DiSemblance.  I’m now interested in checking out some more thriller/mystery books!

14.) Thursday, November 1, 2012: Read,Breathe,Read, Review on the revised edition

The plot was brilliant. Ever once in a while, we would stop and wonder how Shanae was able to come up with such a thing—just the creation of the hologram machine was a quite feat in itself.

15.) Sunday, November 25, 2012: The Y.A. Bookworm Blogger

…DiSemblance was a very different kind of read for me- I haven’t really read anything quite like it before (and I mean that in the best possible way)! It’s almost as if the author took a futuristic-thriller movie and put it into words- making it a great choice for both the guys and the gals! …What was my favorite part about DiSemblance? Definitely the fast pace! Each chapter is fairly short and moves along quickly- adding a unique action element to the entire book that makes it hard to stop reading.  There’s not one dull moment, because there’s always something going on !


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