I’m Writing Again!

weekoneThe hardest part about writing a sequel is choosing where to begin.

This past week I had to decide how much time has passed between books. What has happened to Boston, Jason, and Isaac?

How much of their lives during this time period is pertinent to the next book and how much is fluff? I am happy to announce I have finished the first fifteen pages. I plan to write 15 pages a week (except for holidays and vacations) until it is finished.

Author’s Corner: Getting Really Busy

I need to start writing 25 pages a week in order to have this book published by September. This means I will be profiling lots of new characters. Many of the old characters will be coming back, but there are a lot of new characters.

The interesting thing about these new characters is that they all have double stories. They have the story line that deals with their cyber character (on World of Warcraft) and then the story line that deals with their real life.

Author’s Corner: World of Warcraft

…Someone has hooked the hologram machine up to the internet and is forcing kidnapped victims to fight for their lives inside an online computer game.
Pitch for Boston’s Quest

I am in the outlining & research stage of Boston’s Quest and loving it! Last year, I chose War of Warcraft as the online computer game my characters would be playing in the novel. Then, I paid my kids & their friends to “level up” lots of characters for me. (I know…crazy…what kind of mom pays her kids to play computer.) Now, my sons are showing me what each character can do, and I am also “leveling up” some characters to get a feel for how the game is played.

Author’s Corner: An Unveiling

As the lights come up for our talk show, What’s Up with Jayden Weaverthe author, Shanae Branham is seated beside our hostess, Jayden Weaver.

“How about we let Ms. Branham know how much we appreciate her announcing the name of the second book in the DiSemblance series on our show,” Jayden says, looking out at the large studio audience.

A thunderous applause breaks out and Shanae smiles. As the applause dies down, a drum roll sounds. Jayden looks at Shanae, anxiously.

In the silence that follows, she says, “Boston’s Quest.”